Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Hi everyone,
First off this post is a little late but there have been some interesting developments! Here it goes....

Well the DVD project wasn't working out very well so my mentor asked me to work on something else while we figured out what to do next about it.
So I worked on adding some enhanced features to the WebVTT subtitles encoder for a while. 

Currently I am working on  ASS subtitles and I've added a new option to the subtitles video filter.This option basically allows a user to customize the hard-subbed subtitles in a video. 
For e.g:
  • If I wish to change the font size of the subtitles (make them 22), I can use:
./ffmpeg -i test.avi -vf "subtitles=testing.srt:force_style='FontSize=22'"  out.avi

  • Now, if I want to change the Type of font,font size,font color(Red) and style(italicize) the subtitles,I can do something like:

./ffmpeg -i test.avi -vf "subtitles=testing.srt:force_style='FontName=Arial,FontSize=22,PrimaryColour=255,Italic=-1'"  out.avi

  •  If the user wants to add Outline to the font or Change the Alignment then it can be achieved using :
./ffmpeg -i test.avi -vf "subtitles=testing.srt:force_style='Outline=2,Alignment=3'"  out.avi
There are many other formatting styles that can be implemented. A more detailed list of the available styles is provided below: