Tuesday, 23 December 2014

DVD input device updates

Its been a while! I'll be discussing my progress regarding the DVD input device that I've been working on. Well, I had a small discussion with my mentor regarding the input format for the device and some issues that I was facing with a dvdnav sample code that I had found on the Internet. We discovered that ISO files worked well with the code but there were some CSS issues when I tried to mount the ISO file. Moving on, I registered the DVD input device and made changes in the configuration file to get the whole thing working without the FFmpeg build crashing (trust me, it can get ugly real quick). Currently I am working on the demuxing of the data that I get from the DVD packets. These packets when demuxed and integrated will output streams of audio , video and subpictures (bitmap subtitles). Once this is done, the streams can be associated with respective codec IDs. Hoping that everything works out fine, the decoders will then give the output in the desired format :D I'll be posting some snaps of the device too once I reach home :)

Monday, 8 December 2014

Kickstarting OPW

I officially start working for FFmpeg for 3 months now :) Alright, my task for the time being is to make a DVD demuxer which performs the task of converting DVDs into video files of other formats (e.g mkv , avi etc.) I'll be making use of libraries that are used for manipulation of DVD data namely libdvdnav, libdvdread and libdvdcss. I have to start off by making an input device which would then output different streams of information that is stored in the DVD and then send them to their respective decoders finally to be encoded into a video file. I wasn't able to research much on the topic because of my never ending university exams..in fact, I still have 2 left but this is an awesome relief from them ^_^ Right, so the part that I'm still trying to figure out is how to send multiple streams from a single file to different decoders. I need to thoroughly understand the DVD structure in order to get the output streams right....this is gonna be fun :) I'll be posting more on this as I keep figuring out new things related to FFmpeg or DVDs.