Monday, 19 January 2015

I'll be sharing what I've been trying with the DVD protocol these days:
I tried to remux/transmux the test ISO files into different video file formats. I tried working on mkv,mpg,avi etc. Well, there were some issue with timestamps while converting into the mkv file format and so it failed. Transmuxing into avi and mpg worked but they would keep looping over a few seconds of video throughout. Thanks to my mentor's help I was able to fix that problem...the dvd_seek function was not working properly. I had also added some menu functionality in hopes of making the remuxing work properly but it didnt turn out so useful. So,currently I am cleaning up the protocol code and also trying to learn git the right way (I always try to evade learning git and end up messing things up :-/). Thats all for now :-)

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